“I had Cass look over my first paperback novel. I was nervous as I’d only ever worked with friends who were willing to beta-read, but Cass was a godsend. She spotted tons of little mistakes in just a few days. For a 300+ page novel, it was a pretty impressive turnaround. But the most valuable part of her service was the delivery. For a first time author, I had a mild fear that I’d get a bit torn apart by editors, but Cass was super nice and patient (despite having to mark the same grammar mistake dozens of times throughout my MS.) All things considered, Cass is a top-notch editor with an excellent bedside manner. Can’t go wrong with her working on your book baby!” – John Cordial (Twitter @CordialWords)

“Cassandra Chaput was an immense help in the final editing of my novel, These Bright and Lovely Nightmares. She took the time and effort necessary to find errors, ask questions, and give me feedback on a large work. She was always upbeat and helpful, and any criticism was made in a professional manner. Working with her helped me to fine tune my work. I’m now confident that my book is ready for others to read, and Cassandra played a role in helping me see it through. She will not disappoint you.” – Giovanni Diaz, author of These Bright and Lovely Nightmares – Book I of The Silence that Once Was. (Twitter @GioWritesStuff)

“Due to an emergency, I found myself without a proofreader a week before my scheduled booking. I understood the editor’s serious situation completely and began to look elsewhere. I was concerned due to the timeline, though, and was nervous I would not be able to keep my book’s release date. Cassandra was a godsend. She fit me into her schedule, finished my proofread/beta read in a timely fashion, kept a transparent and open dialogue with me so that I knew exactly what to expect. She was honest about everything and is great with communication. She polished my manuscript, and I could not be happier. Because of her I was able to keep my release date, and I will be hiring her again. Highly recommend her services.” – Nicole Scarano, author of Pomegranate & Pitchfork. (Twitter @NicoleRScarano)

“Cass has such an attention to detail and is so professional, I could not have gotten through my rounds of revisions without her! She will get excited about your story and characters with you while also providing insight. I don’t know if I would have gotten published without her help!” – Taylor Balasavage, author of Realm of Wraiths (coming 2020!). (Twitter @tmbsavage)

“In 2019 I was searching for a sensitivity reader for my (at that time) upcoming release, The Stranger. I connected with Cassandra through Twitter and after chatting, she agreed to tackle reading The Stranger. Not only did Cassandra read and provide feedback based off my sensitivity reader needs, she also provided extremely thorough feedback on the flow of the story, some key scenes and offered up some suggestions, which made for an amazing experience. I would highly recommend Cassandra for anyone looking for editing, copy editing, sensitivity reading or even just feedback on readability!” – Steve Stred, author of The Stranger. (Twitter @stevestred)

“When I first hired Cass to beta read my book I never expected such detailed and vigorous notes from it. She caught grammar/typo mistakes I completely missed myself. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail and professionalism of her work, being the perfect watchdog my book needed to shine! She’s the perfect helping hand you desperately need and is a breath of fresh air against the more unreliable sort every writer has to deal with!” – Dylan Armstrong (Twitter @astrongwriter)

“I hired Cass to do a high-level beta read for my latest novel. Not only was she able to give me solid, constructive feedback on the story as a whole, she caught a huge mistake that I had completely overlooked. All that for a price that was more than fair. I can definitely recommend Cass for editing and betareading services.” – Stephen Penner, author of the David Brunelle Legal Thriller Series. (Twitter @StephenPenner)