The Four Pillars

Trust- As an author myself, I understand how important it is to be able to trust the people you’re working with. You’ve been working on this book for who knows how long… so much time, so much emotion put into it… and now you’re putting it into someone else’s hands. With hiring me as your beta reader and/or editor, I assure you that your book is kept confidential. If you wish, we can create a confidentiality agreement for the project as well. As well as confidentiality, you can trust in me to get the project done by a deadline that we set together. Also, I’m not someone that will mark your book DNF and leave your messages on ‘read’. You’ll receive a document back full of suggestions and any notes I’ve kept while reading!

Respect- Respect is key in any relationship, personal or professional, and I recognize that in my work. As an editor, my main concern is keeping YOUR voice in YOUR writing and my feedback reflects that. I’m not here to change it and make it my own, but rather to suggest changes (always to be taken with a grain of salt) that you can accept or decline at any point. I also recognize that many books contain personal experiences that may have been hard to write and discuss. It is a judgement-free zone with me and I can ensure you that my feedback will be respectful and unbiased.

Uplifting- I’ve received so much feedback from authors I’ve worked with saying they weren’t sure about hiring another beta reader at first because of all the negative opinions of past readers. I believe that feedback should be constructive, and not only point out the ‘flaws’ or suggestions for changes, but it should also be motivating to continue the writing process! I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Ease- Lastly, I’m here to make this as easy for you as possible. I understand how much work goes into completing a novel, I don’t want to add too much to your plate! Of course, some of my feedback may suggest changes to plot points, but I ensure you that my feedback is detailed and clear to allow for ease in your editing process.