Rate Change October 1, 2020

Hello all! Thank you for considering me as your beta reader/ editor! As I move forward with this business, I’d like to grow it into a full-time career, and to do so, I need to raise my rates a bit. These values are in the Canadian Dollar.

After deeper research, I’ve found the industry standard to be charging $0.009/word (making an 80k book $720). My rates will still be much lower than that as affordability is one of my main focuses for my clients. I understand that not everyone can pay such high fees.

My current rates are $0.0015/word for beta reading feedback OR proofreading, and $0.002/word for both services.
October 1st, these will increase slightly to $0.002/word for one service ($160 for 80k manuscript), and $0.003/word for both ($240 for 80k manuscript).
Pieces under 35k will continue to be a flat fee of $50 for one service, and $70 for both.

This increase will allow me to further my education in editing and writing to provide better feedback, as well as give me the opportunity to move towards working in editing full-time!

Payment plans will be available, so don’t hesitate to reach out if that is your concern!

I will also be holding giveaways for free services every few months on my Twitter page so be sure to follow me there for that!

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope to work with you in the future!


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